Okinawa · Kerama Islands · Kumejima DIVING travel record Vol.1/志乃の癒しダイビング

Hello. I am Shino.

I went diving in Kume Island in August.

Kumejima is about 50 minutes by plane from Okinawa main island.
(There are also shipping services.)
Shino went by plane.

Tokyo Haneda Airport → Okinawa Airport → Kumejima Airport

There is a direct flight from Haneda Airport to Kumejima during the summer season in Japan.

To Kumejima

Shino went by direct flight from Haneda airport to Kumejima for going.
On the way home,Kumejima → Okinawa → Haneda

Direct flight

On the way home

It is a small plane from Okinawa.
This plane is 2 rows by 2 seats.



I stayed at Kumejima Resort Island Hotel.

Sunset in the courtyard of the hotel is beautiful.

Main road in front of the hotel.

“OROSHISUPER” near the hotel.

very convenient.

 Dinner in the room

I bought beer at  OROSHISUPER.

And I bought dinner at FamilyMart.

It is meal in the room to save.

There is a「FamilyMart 」near “OROSHISUPER”.

This FamilyMart also sells Okinawa cuisine.
There is a baker’s bread of Kumejima.

・Okinawa beer ‘Orion’「オリオン・ビール」

・Okinawa rice ball “Spam onigiri”「スパムおにぎり」

・Okinawa cuisine “SOUMIN CHANPULE “「ソーミンチャンプルー」


The first day is just the end of the move.
I am going to bed for tomorrow’s diving.