Okinawa · Kerama Islands · Kumejima DIVING travel record Vol.3/志乃の癒しダイビング

Hello, it’s Shino.

Shino stayed at Kume Resort Island Hotel.

Breakfast on the second day


「ocean grapes」

Ocean grapes are one of the specialties of Okinawa.

Breakfast is buffet style.

Please  try it, if there is a grape.

・Sea grapes

・Hot spring egg or Raw egg

(Japanese love raw eggs.)
(Eggs are very popular in the morning with raw eggs.)

(So, the raw eggs in Japan are fresh.)


・Sea grapes sauce

(A bit sour. I have vinegar.)

I will put it on rice.

This is very delicious.
Sea grape bubble wrap is good.


Shopping in a 「OROSHI SU-PA-」 supermarket

Cut mango.

It’s cheap


About 500 yen.

FamilyMart Chinese noodles.(?)



Spam rice ball.

Spam rice ball is the soul food of Okinawa.

This is also delicious.

Mineral water of Kumejima

Sea grapes at 「OROSHI SU-PA-」supermarket

About 500 yen

It’s cheap.
I bought it for souvenirs.