【YUZURU HANYU】From Tokyo Station to Sendai Station By Tohoku Shinkansen

How to get from Tokyo to Sendai

To go to Sendai,

it is the fastest to go to the Tohoku Shinkansen

from Tokyo Station.


SHINKANSEN=Super Express


What kind of train is the Tohoku Shinkansen?

The Tohoku Shinkansen is called



To Sendai


You can also go on the Akita Shinkansen



Komachi is OK


Komachi’s seat is a narrow.

We recommend Hayabusa.


Price from Tokyo Station to Sendai

Tokyo Station ⇔ Sendai Station

All seats reserved.

Be careful


price(Economy) : ¥11,210 (one way)

  (upgraded)   : ¥14,870 (one way)

  (Granc class): ¥20,110 (on way)


Granc class

it is First class.



first class seat



light meal



Alcohol is also free.





Red train 


Akita Shinkansen


Komachi goes together to Morioka


that’s why
Both trains are okay to Sendai.


have a good trip